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Sara Flowers

Meet Sara Flowers - Corporate Consultant, Trainer, Speaker & Author

Sara Flowers has been a Lead Trainer on behalf of companies like Dell, the Department of Justice, and St. Edward’s University Professional Education Center. She's created curricula for thousands and developed systems that have made millions for a wide variety of companies.

How Does a Culture of High Performance Help?

High-performance teams are essential for success, but many businesses grapple with disengaged employees, inefficient processes, and a need for clear direction. These difficulties can result in missed opportunities, reduced profitability, a declining reputation, a drop in productivity, and employee burnout. It's time to confront these issues head-on and prioritize high performance as the catalyst for success in your organization.


The cost of inaction is too great to ignore with increased competition and rapidly evolving markets. Businesses that neglect the pursuit of high performance risk falling behind, losing top talent, and experiencing declining customer satisfaction. Employee turnover and absenteeism rise, healthcare costs escalate, and valuable resources are wasted on unproductive endeavors. The longer these challenges persist, the harder it becomes to regain momentum and compete effectively. The growth in your company's future hinges on addressing these issues now, as those who adapt and thrive in this rapidly changing landscape will secure their place as industry leaders.


By prioritizing high performance, you can position your company for sustained success, outpacing competitors and creating a workplace that attracts and retains top talent. Grow With Flowers understands the pressing need for high performance in today's corporate world. As seasoned experts, we specialize in identifying the root causes of performance bottlenecks and implementing tailored solutions. We empower your organization to overcome the obstacles that hinder productivity, engagement, and profitability.


Subject matter we can expertly cover includes - but isn't limited to: human optimization, leadership development, operational excellence, building resilience, employee engagement, goal setting, healthy habits, mindset optimization, sleep management, developing focus, mastering energy, setting healthy boundaries, inspiring motivation, creating wellness routines, breathing techniques, mindfulness, meditation, mobility-focused movement, nervous system regulation, emotional intelligence, change management, increasing innovation, cultivating creativity, team motivation, effective communication, intrapreneurship (the entrepreneurial mindset), and other growth acceleration strategies. Don't wait - let us guide you toward unlocking your team's full potential with a culture of high performance. Contact us today to take the first step. Here's how we can help your company:


As Harvard certified for "Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health", Sara's approach helps strengthen your business by incorporating well-being in the workplace to improve productivity and efficiency while reducing stress and errors. 


Sara's proven programs give industry leaders the strategies, tactics, and tools needed to obtain and maintain a top-performing team and competitive advantage. Her all-inclusive micro-learning helps everyone accomplish weekly wins to build momentum and confidence.


Having presented to thousands as well as being an entertainer and graduate of the Groundlings School of Comedy Improv, Sara can passionately speak to your group moving them to make positive changes - and even to a standing ovation.

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