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Sara's systems consulting combines strategies that don't sacrifice the team's well-being for the well-being of the business. As Harvard certified for "Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health", Sara's inclusive approach helps strengthen your business by promoting and encouraging well-being in the workplace to improve productivity and efficiency while reducing stress and errors. No matter what you currently provide to improve your company’s culture of high performance, Sara can help you make the most of it.


Sara revolutionizes wellness for success with her licensable proprietary programs. Study after study reveals the importance of workplace wellness initiatives. And unfortunately, they also reveal the reluctance of people to participate. That’s understandable as we only get busier and busier with increasingly distracting information coming at us at all times from all directions. Sara's micro-learning includes mini-goals that help team members accomplish mini-wins which snowball into habits that blossom into lifestyle changes.


This high-energy professional presentation energizes your team and supercharges your business to leverage a corporate culture of high performance and well-being. Having presented to thousands as well as being an entertainer and graduate of the Groundlings School of Comedy Improv, Sara can passionately speak to your group moving them to make positive changes - and even to a standing ovation. Create measurable and sustainable increases in employee performance, reduce burnout, improve morale, and more. 

In the consult, program or presentation, participants discover:

  • How to tap into the power of micro-learning to engage those who are otherwise deterred by standard learning management systems

  • Simple, sustainable habits to increase well-being and therefore efficiency, productivity, creativity, and more

  • Science-backed strategies for reducing stress while increasing energy, focus, and resilience 

As a result of the consult, program or presentation, participants will:

  • Use mini-goals to accomplish mini-wins to build and sustain reliable and effective momentum and motivation

  • Enjoy the benefits of predictable and measurable increases in overall well-being in the workplace and beyond

  • Be empowered with proven processes to reduce burnout and increase self-care and self-compassion

As a result of the consult, program or presentation, your business will:

  • Create a corporate culture of high performance designed to reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism while attracting and retaining top talent

  • Increase revenue without alienating team members as you honor each individual on their own personal path 

  • Tap into the power and prosperity of prioritizing optimal wellness while leaving a legacy that all stakeholders can be proud of 


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