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Sought After Thought Leader with Decades of Experience

Sara Flowers is a high-performance workplace optimization strategist that has been consulting with leaders and engaging teams across a wide range of industries breaking down evidence-based strategies to turn them into actionable insights and simple steps for decades. Many clients are repeats and referrals.


As the founder of Grow with Flowers, she’s the author of “High Achiever Gut,” and she's Harvard certified for “Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health.” She’s also a:

  • National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach

  • Certified Team Well-Being Coach

  • Certified Digestive Health Professional

  • Certified Practitioner of Natural Health

  • Certified Integrative Health Coach

  • Certified Genius Break Coach

  • Certified Yoga Coach

  • Registered Yoga Teacher

  • Certified Corporate Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator and

  • Certified in Tension & Trauma Release Exercises.

Sara uses this varied background to create and license programs that are as comprehensive as her experience, and she uses her skills as a speaker, trainer, and entertainer to keep them inspiring.

What Can Grow With Flowers Do For Your Business?

With a wealth of well-being experience, Sara is inspirational, strategic, and instrumental in helping leaders elevate their employees' impact, initiate lasting positive change, and create thriving teams immersed and empowered in a culture of health, well-being, and high performance. Sara lives by the 'superior self-care principles' she teaches and practices, and she's honored to share them with you and your team to boost productivity, creativity, efficiency, resilience, and revenue.

  Benefits Include:

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Increased cost savings

  • Organization optimization

  • Reduced stress and burnout

  • Enhanced workplace safety

  • Competitive benefits advantages

  • Improved employee participation and retention

Professional, Dedicated, Creative & Resourceful

"Sara's consulting and training is the missing link in your business. Her systems have enabled us to make over an additional million per employee. She's incredibly professional, dedicated, creative & resourceful. I highly recommend her to any company looking to grow and scale without stress and sacrificing well-being."

Jon T.

Primal Health

Let’s Start Working Together!

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